” Regular Kid from Brooklyn, New York getting into the rap game”. HERE’S HIS STORY!

I don’t have a crazy story like many rappers do. I’m just a regular kid who fell in love with Hip-hop. I must have been twelve when I unwrapped The Marshal Mathers LP and just became completely infatuated with hip-hop. I simultaneously became a fan and an artist. I couldn’t comprehend everything Em was spitting but what I could understand was mind blowing. The way he put together words was amazing. Right away I wanted to do the same thing. I started writing around the age of twelve but never took it serious. I must have started recording when I was 16 and became even more infatuated with hip-hop as now new elements were being introduced. Not only was I writing but now recording my voice over instrumentals. I was actually making tracks. I think as I got older I became more and more serious.
The turning point of it was when I got my own studio probably around the age of 22. It wasn’t anything crazy just a padded room with a mic and a macbook pro but this space really motivated me to work on perfecting my art. I started looking at making music as not just a hobby but a possible career. I started seeing doorways and realized how this once so far away world was actually closer than I ever thought. My friends actually started to become fans of my music. As I worked harder and progressed my skills my confidence grew. So far I have one mixtape out and 3 official music videos. I’m constantly working and will be dropping another mixtape soon. Also look out for a performance in the near future


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