Will Smith Working with Kanye West In The Studio!!!!

Will Smith Working with Kanye West In The Studio!!!!

This seems a little bit off balance I must say. Kanye West working on music with Will Smith. No offense I’m a really big fan of Will Smith when it comes to him as an actor but not as a rapper.

WIll Smith your day as a rapper was over the moment you started ” Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” in the 90’s, the show was a huge success for your acting career. When Fresh Prince was still on televesion you had one of the biggest BLOCKBUSTER movies ” Bad Boys” & “Independence Day”. Why would you go backwards in your life when you surpass your prime and still remain one of the highest paid actor in HOLLYWOOD!?

Kanye, come on man your also at that point in your music career were any song you make is a hit record and still selling records, why work with Will Smith? Is it your ego that you feel you can make anyone a star in the studio? Well whatever it is i hope it works out for both your career and doesn’t backfire at you.


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