Jay-Z new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

Some say he’s the greatest rapper that ever lived, Some say the best rapper alive. One thing we know for sure Jay-z is the most consistent rapper of all time. The years Jay-z been in the rap game and his success speaks for itself. The new generation of hip hop might not remember when Jay-Z was starting but incase you didn’t know Jay-z was around during Notorious Big was alive and 2pac.

It’s unbelievable how Jay-Z still stays relevant in todays hip hop world. It’s so hard to even for fans to stay true to rapper. There’s so many new artist out there who’s fresh and very creative, something that hip hop love and needs. Jay-Z still delivers hit records and has a way of maintaining fans and new fans.

In this video you would watch how Jay-Z in the studio and discuss keeping up in today’s world of music!


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