Bow Wow -When I First Met Her

Bow Wow has been having money problems since he almost went broke. In case you guys haven’t been following Bow Wow he’s the new host on 106 & Park. It’s crazy when you’re a millionaire since the age of 13 and almost going broke at the age of 25 for not being responsible with your money. Bow Wow left Jermaine Dupri who was Bow Wow mentor, to sign to YMCMB. Since Bow Wow sign to YMCMB I haven’t heard a hit record from him.

Now Bow Wow came out with a record called “When I First Met Her”. I’m not a fan of this song at all, honestly Bow Wow fell off, his other records for the ladies was so much better such as Out Of my System, Like You, Shorty Like Mine, Let me Hold You. I Feel Like Bow Wow lost his touch in the studio since he sign to YMCMB, you should of stayed with your mentor Jermaine Dupri if you want to make those his records, when both of you guys worked together it was none stop hit records.


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