Mario Ft. Nicki Minja- SomeBody Else

Mario is bringing some new flavor in his record “Somebody Else”. I’m pretty impressed that Mario switched up his music compare what he use to bring us, also Nick Minaj brought a some heat in this record.
The fans so use to Nicki bringing a crazy and silly ways in her rhymes but in this record she actually brought the old Nicki Minaj from Queens. Before Nicki went mainstream her rhyme skills was raw and that’s what she brough to this record.


Meek Mill Diss Gillie Da Kid !!

Meek Mill is on a row I must say. First Meek Mill beefs with Cassidy and still continues to be relevant and not ruin his career and still dropping hit records. What’s next for Meek Mill !? Well it seems that Meek Mill is taking shots at Gillie Da Kid in new song “Panamera”.

The history of Gillie Da Kid is a native of Philly. Everyone from Philly knows he’s well respected on the streets and the lyrics he delivers. Gillie Da kid made a record called “King Me”, were Meek Mill felt he was target on the record.

Tyga being Sued for 20 million!!!

Tyga being Sued for 20 million!!!

YMCMB rapper Tyga is being sued for 20 million by 2 video vixens. The reason Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies ( two video vixens) are suing Tyga is for showing their nipples in his music video “Make it┬áNasty” without their consent, when Tyga promised it’ll be covered up.
These two vixens just want to get money out of Tyga, so it’s ok that your ass is shaking in a g- string & tweaking but when your nipples pops out your going to sue for 20 million, your out of your freaken mind!

Nick Cannon- Me Sexy

Nick Cannon is out with a rap song called “Me Sexy”, I don’t know whats wrong with this dude rapping again. Nick Cannon has his own show on MTV “Wild N Out” which is back with a fourth season but why do you continue to rap. I know your career is doing really well but why go back where everyone clown on you and called you one of the worse rappers of all time.

Well i guess when you have all that money you can do what you want.

Birdman Working with Mannie Fresh!?

Birdman Working with Mannie Fresh!?

There was a lot of drama with these two guys, Mannie Fresh & Birdman. These two got rich together, became very successful, gave us good music & then separated ways. There’s two sides to every story, but Birdman actually clears everything out, this is what Birdman has to say

” ‘ve been talking to Fresh a lot. We talk every other day, we been talking about doing music; so matter of fact we gonna get in. Me and Fresh ain’t got no problem, we never had no problem. It’s been a minute and we plan on working again. Juve out here too. Ain’t nobody tripping, we’re gonna definitely work again. I was been tryin’ to do that, he didn’t wanna do it. I thought personally he didn’t want no part of it because it been dead. We been lettin’ it live in the grave, ain’t nobody picked it up. It was Wayne’s decision to say let’s rock with this Big Tymers, besides that it’s been in the grave, nobody touched it. He didn’t touch it…we didn’t touch it, because I wanted to do it years ago. But when I spoke to him, he felt different”.

Let’s hope they continue to work things out and bring us some good music!