Jay-z Ocean

Jay-z Ocean

Honest opinion watching the App Magna Carta Holy Gail, watching his video and him explaining the song “Ocean” is unbelievable vision. I’m not a huge fan of Jay-z I respect him for what he’s done for hip hop and what he represents but also how he’s able to keep up with hip hop music when it changes everyday. In this album it seems he set the bar where the peek is so up there no other rapper can top .

In this video preview “Ocean” Jay-Z discusses saying “Me now no matter where I go in life no matter what I accomplish the past still comes in with you, people still look at me and say yo he’s the kid from the projects selling etccc.. They see us on a big yacht celebrating with champagne but the under toe to it is you can’t deny that the tide brought you here. Jay-z said only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace…You see my chain you get sea sick… If you guys don’t understand what he basically saying Jay-z is explaining his word play relating saying we acknowledge the only Christopher is Christopher Wallace(Biggie Smalls)not Christopher Columbus. You look at my chain you get sea sick. Meaning Sea sick not getting sea sick from the water, getting see sick you look at me you’ll get jealous of the things that I have and own so you see me your feeling sick. The whole song has more meaning to it but this is all he released in his clip!


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