LL Cool J speaks on “Magna Carter Sales”

Legend MC LL Cool J has his own thoughts of how “Magna Carter” sales distributed. This is what LL had to say on Revolt TV:

“I think in the numbers it’s truth, but in terms of touching the people it’s a little different,” LL told Revolt TV. “For me as an artist, I still wanna be able to touch the people individually. It still matters to me that people individually went out and bought my record, although I do think that a million records sold is a million records sold. There’s no question about that. You can’t argue with math. But for me I like to touch the people directly. I like to know that a million people went out and bought my album. Not that I sold a million records to a company, that’s different.”

I respect LL’s opinion but he needs to understand that when it comes to selling records, no one is buying albums anymore. Majority of music today is being downloaded. I know LL Cool J is from an era when people actually went to the stores and bought albums, Jay-Z is from that era as well but Jay-Z did a very smart business move. Jay-Z realized that everyone is downloading so he decided to make an App for his album. Besides, no offense to LL Cool J but you’re not even dropping any records… you’re starring in NCIS!


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