Drake needs to respond to Kendrick!


  Everyone knows about Kendrick Lamar verse on Control offended a lot of rappers. It hit a lot of rappers nerve when Kendrick said “I’m King Of NY”.
Rappers who are not even known in  mainstream quickly responded but didn’t even get the publicity to benefit themselves. 
    When Kendrick verse was heard it basically caught everyone attention in hip hop. The only time where I can remember when hip hop was controversial and competitive is Jay-z vs Nas. It showed two great rappers who are veterans of the game battle for the thrown.
    I wish Drake out of all people would respond to Kendrick. You can joke on Drake for singing and being emotional but you can’t deny his talent. On the microphone he’s not someone to mess with or take lightly. Drakes not the type to make diss records or call other rappers out but he was offended what Kendrick said in his control verse.
   If Drake steps up to Kendrick it’ll be a classic battle. I believe people will compare it to Jay-z and Nas cause both rappers are still growing as artist.
I would love to see Drake respond to Kendrick. 

   If Drake does respond to Kendrick who will take Win!? 


Drake- Hold on We’re Going Home

For all you Drizzy fans, he got a new hit record called “Hold on We’re Going Home”. It’s been playing all over the radio stations and this record is going to be in his next album “Nothing was the same”.

In some of Drake’s records he actually sings. He’s talented in so many ways. He’s a great rapper but he doesn’t get a lot of credit for his singing ability. In hip hop music, they don’t really accept, it’s either you stick to singing or you just rap. People should actually appreciate what Drake is bringing to the hip hop world today.

Drake sings throughout the whole song. I’m impressed that he brings the old school 90’s beat and flow with his voice.

What do you guys think about the record “Hold on We’re Going Home”? Is he going out of his element? Isn’t scared to be different? Complete suicide or genius?

Charlamagne speaks on “No New Friends”

Charlamagne is known to speak his mind. If you guys are not familiar with Charlamagne, he works for the radio station 105.1 on a morning show called “The Breakfast Club”. You can also catch him on MTV show called “Guy Code”.

This interview is funny as hell. If you guys like the song “No New Friends” by Drake this interview might change your mind.

Drake Ft 2 Chainz & Big Sean- All Me

This record goes hard “All Me”. Drake is the future of hip hop it’s a new era when it comes to Drake lyrically and the music he brings out. One thing you have to respect about Drake is he puts all his emotions and everything that bottles inside and puts it on paper. Honestly whenever Drake is on a track he kills it! Check his new record out “All Me”!

Judge Dismiss $16 million case against Drake & Chris Brown!

Judge Dismiss $16 million case against Drake & Chris Brown!

Money & fame can do a lot for you, I guess that’s what Drake and Chris Brown is thinking right now since they both won the case. Last year, Drake & Chris Brown got into an altercation were it got physical and very dangerous.

Sources say that Chris Brown saw Drake in the club and bought him a bottle. Drake sent the bottle back with a note saying “I’m #uck$ing the girl of your dreams, which he meant Rihanna. From there that’s when it got physical and bottles were being thrown all over the club, which led others in jeopardy of their lives. The W.I.P night club holds Chris Brown & Drake responsible for the incident. They claimed they lost a lot of money and earn a bad reputation. The judge told the court room the club can’t control the fight.

I really believe the judge was paid off. I know when your successful and rich that people will do anything to get in your pockets. The brawl that happen in W.I.P was serious and both of them do deserve to pay for the injuries that were inflected on innocent people.