Meek Mill – Levels

This video was such a suspense all over YouTube with it’s trailer. It was such a big hype when everyone found out Hyper Williams is producing the video. Hype Williams is one of the biggest producer in today’s day of hip hop music video.
In this video you see a few cameos such as T.I and Irv Gotti. I was shocked out of all people Irv Gotti in the video he’s been missing from the spot light since the feud with 50 cent. Irv try to get back on the spot light when he had his own reality show in 2007 “Gotti’s Way” which didn’t do so good. In the video he’s shining with jewelry, maybe he has some business with MMG.
A lot of fans was disappointed on the video, saying it felt like a long commercial, What do you the fans think? Was it just a big hype? Hype Williams did a great job like he always does?


Chris Brown- “Love More”

This is a dope record that Chris Brown released called “Love More” featuring Nicki Minaj. I posted this record up before but not the video. It’s a colorful video, it seems as if Chris Brown had fun being in the video with all the drama that been going on his career.
Nicki Minaj as usual always catching guys attention, enjoy the video1

P Diddy Makes Fun Of Kendrick Lamar On Instagram

P Diddy Makes Fun Of Kendrick Lamar On Instagram

Everyone is due to their own opinion, so P Diddy post a picture on Instagram of how he feels about Kendrick Lamar. P DIddy makes it clear in his opinion that Jay-z is the “KING OF NY”. Whether Kendrick Lamar says it in his lyrics that he’s King, P Diddy who been in this game and a veteran of hip hop goes against and makes fun of Kendrick for his opinion.

Mario Ft. Nicki Minja- SomeBody Else

Mario is bringing some new flavor in his record “Somebody Else”. I’m pretty impressed that Mario switched up his music compare what he use to bring us, also Nick Minaj brought a some heat in this record.
The fans so use to Nicki bringing a crazy and silly ways in her rhymes but in this record she actually brought the old Nicki Minaj from Queens. Before Nicki went mainstream her rhyme skills was raw and that’s what she brough to this record.

Tyga being Sued for 20 million!!!

Tyga being Sued for 20 million!!!

YMCMB rapper Tyga is being sued for 20 million by 2 video vixens. The reason Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies ( two video vixens) are suing Tyga is for showing their nipples in his music video “Make it┬áNasty” without their consent, when Tyga promised it’ll be covered up.
These two vixens just want to get money out of Tyga, so it’s ok that your ass is shaking in a g- string & tweaking but when your nipples pops out your going to sue for 20 million, your out of your freaken mind!