Maino – What Happened ft. Jadakiss”

Maino Rapper from Brooklyn comes out with a song called What Happen ft Jadakiss.
   Maino is well respected rapper from Brooklyn, Ny who started to get noticed from his street credibility and also from Smack Dvds.
  In his song “What Happen” he raps about how New York fell off with hip hop. Maino is disappointed in NY rappers how we don’t support one another and we should have unity.
   Jadakiss another rapper who’s well respected in hip hop and well known in NY jumps on this record. Jadakiss is stating what happen to NY!? Ny doesn’t even have a NY sound everything is a just about making hit records and forgot the concept of NY lyricism.
   For everyone who just started being a fan of hip hop, NY rappers created lyricism of story telling, when they would rap of going through poverty and struggle in there society. It’s not about making hit records, it’s about how skillful you are on the mic and talented.
    So check this record out by Maino ft Jadakiss “What Happen”. There’s a lot of truth in this song.


Scott Storch Robbed At Gun Point!

Scott Storch Robbed At Gun Point!

If your a celebrity you should have better security or security around you all the time. Take a lesson from Scott Storch, he learn the hard way.
While Scott Storch was in his SUV outside of the hotel he was staying in NYC, two men approached him at gun point. The thieves told Scott Storch to ” “Give us all your jewelry and cash or you’re dead”.
The thieves got away with 100,000 in jewelry and 4,000 -5000 in cash. Scott Storch filed a police report after a fail attempt to locate the thieves.

Judge Dismiss $16 million case against Drake & Chris Brown!

Judge Dismiss $16 million case against Drake & Chris Brown!

Money & fame can do a lot for you, I guess that’s what Drake and Chris Brown is thinking right now since they both won the case. Last year, Drake & Chris Brown got into an altercation were it got physical and very dangerous.

Sources say that Chris Brown saw Drake in the club and bought him a bottle. Drake sent the bottle back with a note saying “I’m #uck$ing the girl of your dreams, which he meant Rihanna. From there that’s when it got physical and bottles were being thrown all over the club, which led others in jeopardy of their lives. The W.I.P night club holds Chris Brown & Drake responsible for the incident. They claimed they lost a lot of money and earn a bad reputation. The judge told the court room the club can’t control the fight.

I really believe the judge was paid off. I know when your successful and rich that people will do anything to get in your pockets. The brawl that happen in W.I.P was serious and both of them do deserve to pay for the injuries that were inflected on innocent people.