Where’s Kendrick Lamar!?


   Two weeks ago an historical event had happen for hip hop. A young rapper from Compton, California took hip hop to its origin by calling out other rappers and challenging them in a record called “control”. I never seen so many fans react to a record like this in a while for hip hop. 
     So many rappers came back with diss records, especially from NY. They’re so many interviews with rappers back lashing at Kendrick Lamar but no one seems to get an interview with Kendrick. 

     Is this part of Kendricks plan? Did he bite more then he can chew? Is he able to hold his own? What’s his next move?


Scott Storch Robbed At Gun Point!

Scott Storch Robbed At Gun Point!

If your a celebrity you should have better security or security around you all the time. Take a lesson from Scott Storch, he learn the hard way.
While Scott Storch was in his SUV outside of the hotel he was staying in NYC, two men approached him at gun point. The thieves told Scott Storch to ” “Give us all your jewelry and cash or you’re dead”.
The thieves got away with 100,000 in jewelry and 4,000 -5000 in cash. Scott Storch filed a police report after a fail attempt to locate the thieves.

P Diddy Makes Fun Of Kendrick Lamar On Instagram

P Diddy Makes Fun Of Kendrick Lamar On Instagram

Everyone is due to their own opinion, so P Diddy post a picture on Instagram of how he feels about Kendrick Lamar. P DIddy makes it clear in his opinion that Jay-z is the “KING OF NY”. Whether Kendrick Lamar says it in his lyrics that he’s King, P Diddy who been in this game and a veteran of hip hop goes against and makes fun of Kendrick for his opinion.

Chris Brown Suffers From A Seizure!?

Chris Brown Suffers From A Seizure!?

In Los Angles , Paramedics Rush to Chris Brown studio after a 911 emergency call. At 1:09 am that’s when the seizure occurred Chris Brown refused treatment and refused to be transported to the hospital. Chris Brown use to have seizures as a child but this is the first time it happen to him since he became a star.

Get Better Chris Breezy. I Support TEAM BREEZY!!!

Justin Bieber’s Crew Investigated By Police!


What’s up with these pop stars being rachet!? The problem started on August 3 at South Point night club in South Hampton, NY. Sources say someone was denied entry to Bieber’s VIP room that led to an argument and escalated to a brawl. Bieber, his entourage, and his bodyguards jumped in the males SUV and assaulted him. The male victim was unconscious and is now having police investigate.

Justin Bieber repping THUG LIFE!

Tyga being Sued for 20 million!!!

Tyga being Sued for 20 million!!!

YMCMB rapper Tyga is being sued for 20 million by 2 video vixens. The reason Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies ( two video vixens) are suing Tyga is for showing their nipples in his music video “Make it Nasty” without their consent, when Tyga promised it’ll be covered up.
These two vixens just want to get money out of Tyga, so it’s ok that your ass is shaking in a g- string & tweaking but when your nipples pops out your going to sue for 20 million, your out of your freaken mind!

Birdman Working with Mannie Fresh!?

Birdman Working with Mannie Fresh!?

There was a lot of drama with these two guys, Mannie Fresh & Birdman. These two got rich together, became very successful, gave us good music & then separated ways. There’s two sides to every story, but Birdman actually clears everything out, this is what Birdman has to say

” ‘ve been talking to Fresh a lot. We talk every other day, we been talking about doing music; so matter of fact we gonna get in. Me and Fresh ain’t got no problem, we never had no problem. It’s been a minute and we plan on working again. Juve out here too. Ain’t nobody tripping, we’re gonna definitely work again. I was been tryin’ to do that, he didn’t wanna do it. I thought personally he didn’t want no part of it because it been dead. We been lettin’ it live in the grave, ain’t nobody picked it up. It was Wayne’s decision to say let’s rock with this Big Tymers, besides that it’s been in the grave, nobody touched it. He didn’t touch it…we didn’t touch it, because I wanted to do it years ago. But when I spoke to him, he felt different”.

Let’s hope they continue to work things out and bring us some good music!