LiL Snupe Ft. Meek Mill- “Nobody”

When you come up and try to change your life there’s always someone or something who trys to stop you from success. LiL Snupe was an example of horrible case of today’s cold world. Lil Snupe was an upcoming artist signed under Meek Mill.

Meek Mil was so torn from Lil Snupe death. If you listen to Meek Mill interviews, he always talk about giving back to people who don’t have anything and come from the struggle. He always wanted to change lives through his music and encourage people to follow your dreams. Since Rick Ross helped Meek Mills career, he wanted to give back cause he comes from that desperation. So in return for what Rick Ross did for Meek Mill he saw a young artist who was hungry and had ambition in his eyes to make something of himself in this rap game but his life was cut short from a bullet.

In this video you will see the bond Meek Mill has & Lil Snupe. RIP LIL SNUPE!


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